RIP IPOD 05/04-03/09

So, allow me to rant if I may.

I woke up this morning to the most beautifully, sunny day in L.A.  I decided I was going to take it all in and have a refreshing hike in nature.  Upon getting to my car, I noticed something peculiar.  My glove compartment opened, and empty was the first thing.  The chaos surrounding it was the 2nd. Papers thrown everywhere, banana peels, empty juice bottles, clothes (ok, most of it was my fault, but I had COMPLETELY organized everything a few days prior and filled a bag with trash I was going to discard once it was really full) The bottom line was, amidst this mess, was the grim discovery that my car had been conveniently hijacked of my precious IPOD.

Now, I know most of you folks out there in the land have IPODs or some form of one, and we put a lot of thought and time and money into our IPODS.ipod4g2004

My ipod was a dinosaur.

I bought it when APPLE basically first announced them.  I had booked 2 movies to be shot in Romania and this was the PERFECT gift to myself.  I filled it with endless hours of musical enjoyment.  It was my saving grace on many a long, lonely night in my trailer waiting for my scenes to come up.  As the years went by, Apple made THE newer IMPROVED IPODS with video and color.  Me, being a loyal Leo, I kept my faithful friend, even though people heckled at me for having a “toaster” attached to my earbuds.  Sure, I heard it all.  Regardless, it still was a perfectly good IPOD.

I don’t get society these days.  We are all complaining and fearful about the global crisis’ we are in the thick of,  yet no one seems to want to back down with their insatiable need to have more, to have the newest, to have the best.

Where does barely old, barely broken, barely used contraptions and clothes go?  It piles up and depletes the vast sanctuary we call home.  These things, these inanimate soulless devices we hold so dear turn into piles of junk in our homes, in storage units, in pawn shops, in landfills.  Why? Why do we all care so much to have the latest gadgets and gizmos and fashion?  In the end, does any of it REALLY matter?  We can’t take it with us!  Our status updates won’t be updating when we are all part of the landfill.

Grim outlook. I know.

But it’s reality.  I don’t think many people have a true touch on reality these days.  I notice this especially living in LA.  No one is happy for your minor success.  They want to know WHO you know. WHAT  you can do for them, If your next part is a LEAD and if you are on the up and up.  They don’t care about the important parts of your life.  Like how hard you work, how honest, and giving, and caring, or even talented you may be. THOSE are the people that get walked over.  Those are the underdogs it seems.  I know so many incredibly multi-talented people struggling, slaving away, juggling any and everything they can, every single day to catch a break ,JUST to eat a nice meal for once.

It shouldn’t be like that.

When you have the petty, mindless androids walking around talking like they have balls stuck in the back of their throats reaping all the benefits.

I pray everyday for myself, for the ones I love, the TRULY amazing people I know that get it. That work SO hard, and put SO much into everything they do for themselves and the well-being of others.  The precious ones that realize there is SO much more to this life.  I pray that THEY catch their break.  We all voted for CHANGE this year, but it doesn’t seem like anyone wants to take accountability and start the change with themselves.

It’s sad, and scary.

k, went WAY off on a tangent there.

Bottom line.

I guess I’m somewhat happy I didn’t have to get to the point where I contributed to the bulk of trash in the world with my IPOD. haha.

Some DUMB crackhead took it from my car, and at least was polite enough to lock the door when he left.  I hope that poor bastard doesn’t get too upset when he realizes it doesn’t actually work anymore unless it’s plugged into MY CAR.

With that said, I’m gladly taking donations of your barely used electronics. 😉

Till next time……

Be true.XO


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