Off to Vegas for NABshow 2010!!

Good evening loves,

First off, I wanna say a huuuge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me for the “wet n’ wild” contest…It was so much fun interacting with everyone who was voting. I love you all dearly, and am so grateful for your support.

Next to report, the little orgy that could, “Cumming’s Farm” has been doing awesome since it showed at SLAMDANCE. It was just played to 2 packed houses, at the “Boston Underground Film Fest”, it will then be going to the “Florida Film Fest”, and I’m really excited it’s finally coming to the LA area on April 29th to the “Newport Beach Film Fest.”

You can check out the link above to get your tickets. (It’s only ONE showing so get em’ while you can!)

In less than 24 hours, I will be on a plane to Vegas. for the NAB SHOW.
If you don’t know what it is, check out this link NABSHOW2010

Basically, If you aren’t aware, I go there every year with the podcast I’m a co-host on. We learn so much about the industry before anyone else does. By industry I don’t mean just film, broadcasting or the newest SLR camera, I mean digital, and new media and where it is all headed. We learn of the latest online trends before anyone even knows they exist! My favorite thing to visit is the CONTENT THEATRE. Last year we saw how the Jim Hensen studios are now using state of the art ways to move their puppets on camera with actual actors in crazy sensored suits! This year I’m predicting to see even more 3D stuff than past years when they were just beginning to utter the words “3D in your living room.”

As fun as it is, it’s a tiring week, not your normal trip to Vegas, but by the time I leave my head is so full of information I feel inspired to execute, and create.
If you have been asleep in a hole, or just unaware of our podcast you should catch up, and hear last years cast of NAB!!

When we return from NAB be sure to check in for the newest PODCAST of everything we learned at the conference, you will be happy you did.

So, that’s the update of what’s happening at this very moment in my world. I hope the spring finds everyone in a good place, cleaned out of all the past years muck, and inspired to follow every dream you may have.

Till next time,

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