Michael Jackson seen hopping out of the Coroner’s Van??

In the wake of today’s news, calling the death of Michael Jackson a Homicide, this video showing a supposed MJ hopping out of the coroner’s van with a license plate matching the van that took him away from his home, after it parks behind a chain link gate, has suddenly gone viral:

It looks pretty grainy to me.  Knowing how people like to believe that Elvis, and Tupac, still live, it could be one of those type of hoaxes. I’d love to hear what YOU think!

Comment away!

(Imagine if the MJ story took THAT crazy twist!)


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One thought on “Michael Jackson seen hopping out of the Coroner’s Van??

  1. I wouldn’t put it past him. The sales on his albums are of course through the roof since the incident. Good luck hiding that mug though; inconspicuous is not a word commonly attached to MJ.