Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful.
For the sun when I wake up, and am feeling blue.
For when the day’s been too long and I need the moon.
Thankful for the moon, who doesn’t let me down, but still, for the clouds that sometimes come around.
Thankful for the car I’m blessed to drive, and the mom that made me be alive, and the sisters and brothers she gave to me, and the fact they love me unconditionally.
I’m thankful for the friends that I have,
And the thoughts I remember of my dad.  And the fact that when I ever get too down, those friends are always close around.
I’m thankful for the strangers that
Tell me things I may forget,
even though they don’t know me and we’ve barely met.
I’m thankful for the choices I sometimes make….whether good or bad they are never a mistake.
I’m thankful for my LOVE!!  I love so much, and the love I so consistently feel, it’s something special and makes me feel real.
I’m thankful really being alive, for the goals I attain and the hope that I strive. For the persistence to forge ahead,
and to realize my dreams are never dead.
And I thank whoever is reading this, and urge you to always follow your bliss.
Cuz’ time is short in this beautiful place….and we all deserve a happy face.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
I hope you all realize, even in a small way, how very blessed you are.
Much love.

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