A glimpse of my visit to NAB09

Aimee in front of the Content Theater at NAB 2009I have to let you in a secret.

I have no idea how to blog.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be exactly “eloquent” when it comes to anything technological.  At least that is what I think I learned when I attended the NAB conference in LasVegas this past weekend.  People think, you are going to Vegas and  going to gamble and drink your life away, hit a nudie bar, maybe?  No.  If I was sleep deprived, it was because of the massive amounts of information that became indelibly planted in my head.

By the end of the week it felt like my very core was shaking from information overload; I attended the conference last year with no idea of what it would be like or what to expect.  I traveled around the epic show floor and learned that the broadcast media as we knew it was in a “crisis”.  To be candid, it seemed to me  that the “big wigs” were shitting bricks.  I left with a sack or two full of shwag – pens, bags, papers galore, even *gasp* a speeding ticket.

Don’t get me wrong,  I left with grip of knowledge that to an untrained “tech-spert” (ohhh I just made up a cool new word) was pretty darn new and intense.  Had I known that the information I gleaned then would incubate and expand, I would have signed up for the NAB convention a long time ago. Alas, I was sort of what one would call a Newb.


The year prior afforded me an introduction to Twitter (before Y’all!!!) starting or at least trying to start my own blog, co-hosting Keramcast, learning about widgets and Google Adsense and Analytics, discovering the procedures behind marketing blogs and websites.  So, when I got the opportunity re-attend NAB this year with a fresh new outlook, I jumped at the chance.  This year was especially cool for me because I was able to attend as “Media.”

If you are interested in getting into NAB all you have to do really is register on their site for the Exhibition Floor and you are promptly sent a package with a badge and other info.  This badge allows you to look around the massive show floor spanning 4 convention halls the length of two or even three football fields apiece, and check out free panels discussions in the Content Theater.

Little did we know until we arrived that our Media badge allowed us to attend EVERYTHING. Classes, and informative mind-blowing seminars.  Cocktail parties, and luncheons.  We attended a lunch where Kelsey Grammer was given an award, along with the legendary Bob Newhart, who was given a lifetime achievement award.

Going to NAB with this kind of access is a gift that keeps on giving.  I was determined to take full advantage of this opportunity, and even if I didn’t quite understand some things, I know the information is now logged and I can begin to unravel that data over the coming years.

Besides the information I took away with me, I realized, as I got on the plane exhausted from the prior seven days, that the world is in such an intense state of change.  I feel like now more than ever there are so many opportunities for people to create, innovate, and ultimately make it a better place.  All around us we hear about economic, and global crisis and that is all true, but the positive thing I got out of it is that there is no better time than now for people like you and I to be pioneers; to emerge out of the chaos and create something amazing!

It’s all within anyone’s grasp –  we  just gotta keep up with speed of light we are flying on, think out of the box, start using our imaginations again and really, change the world.  They are already doing that at NAB, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it.

So now, with more confidence, a lot more exposure to the nature and velocity of  the new media for which we are on the forefront, I can say, with greater assurance that I am a little closer to seeing it and “getting it.”   To not being “left behind” but instead have something to offer when I say “follow me on Twitter”  😉

Until next time loves!


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