I love Monday’s!(well, this week at least)

Hola kiddles.
This past week has been awesome! (and it’s only Monday!) I found out I booked a KFC commercial, which I will shoot on Wednesday.  It’s a really fun spot, and I feel so blessed to have gotten chosen.  I will try and sneek a few photos from my blackberry on set and post them:)
Also, in amazing news, I found out last night, the pilot I just shot got picked up by ABC! This is sooo awesome to me!!!  I feel so honored to have gotten the chance to work with the actors I worked with on this shoot.  They were all equally wonderful, and easy to work with.  Not to mention DANNY CANNON was the director! He’s GREAT!   The DP was also incredible, Dave Stockton.  He was kind enough to show me some stills from the episode, and described his vision in lighting it perfectly and such.  Everyone who worked on this seemed to be true artists.  Which is so very refreshing.
Today, one of my dearest friends was going to take me see NO DOUBT perform on ELLEN.
If you know our back story, you will know how very obsessed(not in a creepy way) we are of Gwen and No Doubt.  So you can imagine our excitement when we had the chance to see them perform on ELLEN!!
Ellen ROOLS!!
So anyway, the day started out with a minor road block, I had to be in Culver City at 11am for a fitting, and we had to be at Ellen by 1pm.  I got done with my fitting at 1245! and had to ninja style race to Glendale to meet up with my girl.(20 mins in LA traffic…damn I’m good)
We still were going to try and make it.
We got there, and the line was astronomical.  It was 85 degrees in the shade, and we found out we would be waiting in line till 4pm.
Now, on an average day this would be fine. It would be an adventure! But, this was no average day. See, my dear friend is basically 10 months pregnant! hahaha. Yet, she was willing to brave the elements to follow through with our said mission.
I couldn’t have it.  There was no way! What if she dehydrated or the sun cooked her belly so hot that she had the baby in line! I told her it wasn’t a good idea.  So instead, we went to her work,(where she is on maternity leave) and showed up to see the artist that was visiting that day.  (she works at universal music)  .Well that “artist” happened to be the band, THE SOUNDS!! AHHHHH!!! even better!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE “The Sounds”!! I have for years, and only got close enough as to front row at a concert.
So,I got to meet the whole band, and hang with Maja Ivarsson!!! She is so rad. So, down to earth. It was def. a cool moment.
Aimee and Maja rockin' the hoodies.
Aimee and Maja rockin' the hoodies.

Then we got pedicures and called it a day.

That is why I’d say overall this week has been amazing so far.

How lucky to be living in a place where opportunities like that can just pop up on a whim!  I have to keep reminding myself to never take a day for granted. Even if it seems like nothing is right, there will always be tomorrow to make it better.

No matter where you are really, if it seems gloomy, and you feel helpless and lost, you just gotta find a way to Make your Own Sunshine.

Luckily for those of us in Sunny Cali…it’s not that hard a task. 😉

till next time loves!


PS. for those of you who asked,  I DID NOT feel that earthquake last night, but I will certainly blame my messy room on it! ;)

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